Yellow Plus Eyewear – 631

Frame in Question  – Yellow Plus Eyewear -631


Yellows Plus – Designed and made in Japan. They use the purist titanium and the Japanese are the best at sourcing, milling, refining and working this precious metal. Titanium is lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant and abundant in nature. Titanium is nontoxic and generally biologically compatible with human tissues. The design of their glasses is meticulous in detail, fit and comfort. Their acetates use keyhole bridge fittings which fit the most challenging of noses and their connections between the spectacle front and the arms are a thick titanium charniere.

At our independent Opticians we think the styles should be given the first priority, which have been lost by the priorities of materials and functionalities.

The world famous techniques of Japan to make optical frames are for making beautiful designs. We don’t stick too much to the fashion of short life but we pursue the styles, which are appreciated to be beautiful constantly by users in long periods.

Asian Eyewear –  Yellows Plus is “more Asian than ever” (says its creator), suggesting assertiveness and an accentuation of the Japanese style.
Eating a hamburger is like being American and wearing Yellow Plus is like being Japanese!


LENS: Default Clear

SIZE: 42 / 24

COLOURS: 5 available

Available in: Black-Silver, White-Gold, Chocolate Brown-Gold, Olive-Gold, Red-Silver.



  • Sheet Titanium
  • Life time frame
  • Hand Built
  • individuality
  • Made in Japan


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