Computer vision Syndrome

Many people spend a considerable part of their working day in front of a computer monitor (VDU). This environment can lead to the user suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).
Although there is no reliable evidence to suggest that computer monitors are damaging to the eyes, it is true that users complain of eyestrain more than non-users.
Unlike characters on a printed page, computer screen characters are made up of many pixels, or tiny points of light. These pixels are brightest at the center of the screen and gradually reduce in intensity as you approach the sides of the screen. Your eyes focus differently to make out the characters on the edges of the screen compared to the characters at the center. This constant adjusting of focus creates fatigue and eyestrain that may damage your eyes over time.

Computer vision syndrome can develop if you spend over two hours a day at a computer. This is likely to be owed to fatigue through causes such as:

Symptoms include:

Any of these conditions can be overcome through good design of the working environment, taking frequent breaks, adjusting your screen settings, positioning, lighting, and the use of correct spectacles and lenses.
To learn more about the dangers of computer vision syndrome, or to find out how you can reduce the damaging effects on your eyes, simply call us to book an Eye Examination on 0121 643 2880.


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