Yellows Plus – 629

Frame in question : Yellow Plus Eyewear 629


Japanese eyewear designers Yellows Plus may be less than ten years old, but their focus is on timeless style.

Hand finished frames, quality control and precise technology are combined with a flair for design and a personal touch that creates head-turning eyewear.


Yellows Plus takes traditional frame designs and adds a modern twist, with clever use of colours, small design details and comfortable updates on retro fashion styles as demonstrated in their Modern Preppy collection.


Japan’s Yellows Plus is starting to emerge as the ‘must have’ eyewear for people who appreciate simple, but beautifully crafted frames.  Yellows Plus only supplies exclusively to a small number of specialist, independent opticians around the world and we are one of them.


Japan is well recognised as a world leader in technology, electronics and the car industry. What you might not know is that Japan is also an innovative world leader when it comes to eyewear. “Hand-made in Japan” means beautiful assembly to the highest standard.


We are familiar with many ranges from Europe and the USA who make their frames in Japan. And then we started wondering… if Japan produces the finest quality hand-made glasses, do they have any exceptional eyewear designers of their own? We had a look around, and we struck gold. Or shall we say, yellow. For the first time in New Zealand, we are proud to introduce “Yellows Plus” – an exquisite range of frames and sunglasses designed by Japan’s own Toshiaki Yamagishi, and 100% hand made in Japan.


The acetate frames are made of Japanese zyl, a cotton based material which is tough, light and lasts a very long time. The superior finish of Yellows Plus has to be seen to be believed. The acetate frames are all hand turned in a barrel of wood chips to achieve a marine finish and natural sheen.


Yamagishi is a fan of the “less is more” school. There are no fads or gimmicks, just exceptional quality. Yellows Plus is a range that looks stunning, and feels beautiful to wear.



LENS: Clear

SIZE: 58/21

COLOURS: 5 available


Available in: Black/Gold, Black Half, Brown Sasa-Brown Half, Gray Sasa-Gray Half, Dark Purple



  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Shipped with Case and Cloth
  • Sunning Workmanship
  • Now available at our store in Birmingham
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