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Steve jobs round rimless glasses are here at our opticians in Birmingham. A MUST HAVE !

Piccadilly opticians have been supplying these for some time now, but boy they are out of this world, (perfection springs to mind)

Steve jobs eyewear collection are one of the best rimless eyewear collections we have ever seen.



Inspired by historical spectacle frames of past centuries, Lunor has found its own design, which consciously forgoes fashionable exaggerations. The acetate frames in the traditional retro design of the 1930s to the 1960s are currently particularly popular.

The influences go back even further – antique models of the 18th and 19th centuries are redesigned in a contemporary manner. The ideas of the design trio Ulrich Fux, Michael Fux and Gernot Lindner are consistently implemented. The first step in every design process is an initial manual diagram followed by a technical drawing, an initial manual sample and a prototype. Only if all of these stages are to the complete satisfaction of the design trio is the production of new frames initiated. One typical feature of Lunor is the abandonment of large-scale production – we at piccadilly opticians personnal  think this is hard to find these days.



Since its foundation, Lunor relies on the manufacturing location of Germany and on production based on hand craftsmanship. The many years of collaboration with manufacturers from southern Germany ensures a close coordination and is an important component of Lunor’s success. Up to 200 steps are required to fabricate a Lunor frame. Almost all models of the collection are produced in Germany, from the first rough sketch down to the final manual polish. Only frames of titanium are made in Japan. This is because Japanese manufacturer specialize in the processing of titanium and can therefore guarantee the highest quality.



Quality is not a question of subjective perception. It can be measured in an objective manner. For Lunor, it is therefore pleasant to see the broad recognition of the industry. In “Erfahrungsspiegel Brillenfassungen” (Overview of experiences on versions of eyeglasses) of the independent industry magazine “Markt intern”, those opticians surveyed voiced their trust in Lunor. In the supreme discipline of quality, they rated Lunor above 40 other brand suppliers with a grade of 1.35 for first place (“Markt intern” edition 19.12.2012).


The Lunor Classic Round or as it’s commonly known “ The Steve Jobs glasses ”, has become one the hottest sellers.


Lunor Classic rimless collection from Piccadilly Opticians – in stock and available for delivery.

call us on 0121 643 2800 and ask us about them .



LENS: Default Clear
SIZE: One Size
COLOURS: 3 available



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