Cazal 607 301 Ltd Edition Sunglasses

Cazal Cari Zalloni Tribute 607 Limited Edition Sunglasses


3  pieces are available of the limited edition all black 607 301 sunglasses , the legendary model by Cari Zalloni.


The latest Cazals sunglasses collections, include – Cazal 601 in brown as sunglasses and Cazal Vintage 607 vintage in Weiss sun (White). The bestsellers are the Cazal 607 in black.


When it comes to rare sunglasses, Cazal will undisputedly be considered as one of the most, if not the most important contender in the eyewear industry. Regardless of the fact that Cazal is home based in Germany, their impact in the American Hip Hop industry is enormous. Cazal’s extravagant collections and the high quality material that was used to create these legendary frames were literally to die for. Nowadays, Cazal eyewear continues to be a must have accessory form many hip hop titans like Rick Ross Big Boi from Outkast, Jay-Z and Mos Def.


What Cazal Says

“The CAZAL 607 has not only one but two origins. Though introduced as early as the late 1970s, this style reached full iconic status in 1984 – and has maintained it ever since.

CAZAL wanted to create a corrective eyeglasses frame made of 10-mm-strong acetate. Only very few manufacturers at the time dared use that material. Its strength allowed the designer to cut many surface facets to create an exhilarating play of light and reflection. Black, Havana, and Crystal are the preferred colours – with some transparent Smoke Grey thrown in.

This extraordinarily solid style called for a metallic counterpart, which appears as temple lining in shining and matte gold.

The CAZAL 607 or “cazzy”, as Americans lovingly call it, remains to this day the most popular CAZAL style of all times.”


Here at our Unique opticians in Birmingham we offer Cazal ophthalmic glasses and prescription sunglasses.



  • These frames are from our Special Archived Range (SAR).
  • Three are available at our opticians in Birmingham.
  • Call for best price.
  • All the frames in this area are from my personal collection and feature some very special frames, ENJOY.
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