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Caroline Abram Eyewear
Caroline Abram eye wear is special and exclusive because it’s designed by a highly skilled fashion team. Abram is the leader who picks the materials for different product lines. She is a reputable fashion designer who has been in the design business since 1998. Throughout the late 90s, Abram wowed the fashion world by placing unique accessories and jewels on glasses, and she continues to develop appealing pieces for people who crave amazing fashion products today.



Abram’s current product line is special as she makes eye wear using things that reflect her culture. In the past, Abram was trained by seasoned designers in Dakar. These women instructed Abram by teaching her eye wear lessons that involved silver, wood, resins, stones, and the design materials.



All of the products that are made by Caroline Abram have a design element that stands out. You’ll find eye wear that has oval lens frames for business environments and accessories with circular lens pieces for casual outfits. Because Abram is an innovative designer, many of her shades have a bold, two-tone colour scheme. The big benefit is that Abram always uses colours that don’t clash with one another, and this is another reason why Caroline Abram products are unique.



Please give us a call at 0121 643 2880 to discuss the perfect Caroline Abram frames for you.

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